Hello world!

Hello World!

After taking a few years away from blogging (Nils), we have decided that with the major changes in our lives we might add one more: blogging, once again. Okay, so calling blogging a major change may be a bit dramatic. What if we settle for calling it “another” change? This time around it will be with a more limited scope and purpose. It will revolve primarily around our experiences with Mercy Ships, especially the program we are directly involved in: Gateway. But don’t hold us to that too tightly. It’s highly likely that there will be the occasional post of a more personal nature. Or if you’re truly lucky, a whimsical post or two will appear (but you must be patient as whimsical posts are fickle creatures and cannot be forced to appear).

The Beauty & the Brains

The time-line may be whimsical in its own right but, as Sue likes to say, “As of today” the post will appear approximately once/week. Those of you with sharp eyes will notice the heavy dose of qualifiers, and if you know us well, you’re smiling. If you don’t, well, you’ll just have to follow along and figure it out.

Vacuum Man

Another item you may want to figure out, if you care too, is who is writing. Mostly, this will be Nils’ “baby”, but at times Sue will pen things, and then there is the problem of first person singular or plural? Or even the pesky third person! Just for the issue of integrity, the answer to which of these we will use in this blog is: yes!

Basically, what it comes down to is this: we hope to share some excerpts from our life in this new assignment with any and all who care to drop by for a few minutes every now-and-then. Kind of like a drop-by visit where we sit on the porch for a few minutes and catch up. Relaxed, easy going and enjoyable. Please feel free to drop by whenever you’re in the neighborhood; and you don’t even have to knock!

The Family: hip daughter & way cool son!


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