Street Legal in Texas

December’s Mission: Obtain Texas drivers’ licenses

Step 1 Go online and discover all that is needed for licenses in the nation of Texas.

1a Sigh deeply…

Step 2  Have designee retrieve car title from safe deposit box in Pullman WA and FedEx it to Texas.

Step 3  On a day when you can afford to be focused on one thing only, have car inspected in Van, Texas early in the morning.

Not one, but two!

Step 4  Take car inspection receipt and title to Smith County Auto Registration office in Lindale, Texas.

4a Run to ATM since they won’t take an out of county check.

4b  Leave with Texas license plates.

Before they get bug encrusted

Step 5  Drive into Tyler, Texas to get new Social Security cards since the originals are in storage in Pullman, WA.

Step 6  Stop at Wendy’s to refuel humans.

Step 7  “Explore” Tyler to find the correct licensing agency.

Step 8  Show numerous documents to prove we really exist.

Step9  Sit in waiting room for 54 minutes.


10 a Suffer identity crisis.

Good-bye old friends!

Step 11  Have ugly, unflattering photo taken.

Step 12 Pay for ugly photo.

12a  Be issued Texas state drivers’ licenses with unflattering photo 7 hours after starting on this trek.

Step 13  Scratch head while pondering that all it takes to be married in Texas is for both people to say, “We’re married.”

Step 14 Sigh without sobbing…

Step 15  Refuel car and complete circle by driving back to Van, Texas by another route.

The new look for the Camry


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