Jay Time

One of the benefits of taking teams on field service is that I get to see Jay. This time was special because I was on the dock when the Africa Mercy came into the deep water key (as they say in Sierra Leone).

A fun photo op, but I should have tucked in my shirt!

Most of the crew was out on deck to wave and greet us, yet as I walked the dock I could not find Jay. But I was noticed and one group of folks hollered at me, asking “are you Jay’s dad?” When I said I was and that I was looking for him, someone said, “he’s in the brig!” That’s my boy.

Some of our group were involved in filming the arrival of the AFM

The reason I did not see him is that upon arrival there was a ceremony with the Minister of Health and he was needed to set up the sound system. Thus he was waiting inside to be ready when the gangplank was in place, so he could get down onto the dock to set up quickly. Although I could not see him, he was watching me.

Catching up is good to do

When he did appear I did a mental-forehead-slap (“well, duh!”) and then looked for an opportunity to sneak over and give him hug. It came, I took it and as I slipped back into the crowd the group on the deck gave a cheer.

After the ceremony we got to talk for a few minutes before we parted ways until later in the afternoon when Gateway would be allowed to embark. It was a sweet reunion!

A sweet reunion in Sierra Leone!

Thanks Gerrit, for catching it in photos.


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