Vocational Training Building

While at Cheshire Home in Freetown we got to know several of the kids residing there. One of the older boys began hanging out with me some as I painted and we would talk. At 15 Victor is in the business track at school and aspires to go to college in Economics. He hopes to get a job in a bank as a result.

With his clothes freshly ironed, Victor reveals just how sloppy I am!

As I listened to his dreams I asked if I might share a story with him. I told him of a boy about his age who had contracted a disease called rheumatic fever. It left him bed-ridden for a year and unable to attend school. The doctors said he might never walk again and his friends carried him up and down the stairs at school so he could attend class. But he persisted and began walking again. Although he was now stooped, he learned to snow ski and became a private pilot. He, like Victor, pursued an education in Economics, but with an emphasis in agriculture. Going on to become a respected professor in the field.

Victor ready for school

As I told Victor the story of my father it resonated with him and, hopefully, renewed in him the vision that God does have a future for him.


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