One of the things we have been looking forward to since we moved to Texas is seeing the state. We want to get to some of the places we’ve heard about, like Austin with its music scene and San Antonio for the river walk. We also hope to visit some of the state parks, including Caddo Lake, the only natural lake in the whole state.

Pretty cool... just pay attention for crocs

Three weeks ago we went to Houston for a couple of days. The primary purpose was the initial meeting of Sue with her new neurologist. The distance from Mt. Sylvan (where we currently are living) to Houston is a little over 200 miles, and the estimated drive time is about four hours. The actual drive time was closer to six as we encountered some serious  traffic entering the city.

Welcome to Houston!

The last twenty miles took about ninety minutes, with the worst portion of that being near our hotel. It turns out that Reliant Stadium was nearby and they were having Rodeo Texas that night AND a KISS concert. I guess they wanted to get the stock rocking for the cowboys?

The neurologist is with Baylor College of Medicine at the Texas Medical Center. It is one of several hospitals and medical schools within a few blocks of each other and tied together by a sky-walk system. Sue’s appointment was on the top floor of the building (level 18), to be fondly referred to as the penthouse from now on.

Looking quite professional, don't you think?

This visit included the neurologist, a “Fellow” working with him and an intern. As Sue gave her medical history to the Fellow, she mentioned her previous neurologist and got an impressed look from him. He commented very simply that “she’s famous!” A comforting thought for us. Then the neurologist himself spent some time with Sue. Turns out he is well known in his own right. Including sitting on the executive committee of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

In looking back over the past two years it’s intriguing to see how God has opened doors for Sue to be with eminently qualified neurologists. It seems God has been working upstream of us. Maybe we’ll run into Michael someday too!

Wonderful hosts!

It wasn’t all work and no play while we were in Houston. We got to spend some time with the Dements, whose wedding Nils officiated two summers ago. They took us over to Rice University to have lunch at Ruggles in the Village. A popular spot, the food was good and the fellowship even better.

Popular with Rice University folks

The next day we went to Galveston. The buildings and history are interesting, and the old town shops are fun.

Built by a tycoon and later sold to the church. A nice perk!

Nice parking lot!

But one recommendation: don’t visit on St. Patty’s day during Spring Break. Can you spell t-r-a-f-f-i-c? Neither can we, but we certainly experienced it!

St. Patrick's Day + Spring Break = Ugghh!!

Nils did see a shirt that he considered buying. Maybe next time.

I could wear this while the guy fills out the application to date my daughter


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