A Big God

This week we were asked to describe a time in our lives when God seemed unbelievably big to us. Had the apostle, Philip, been given that to ponder, I suspect one of his first thoughts would have been his encounter with the Ethiopian treasurer. Not only did God speak clearly to him about what to do, but then he whisked him away to Azotus by a supernatural outpouring of power. I wonder what was so urgent in Azotus that Phillip needed a “booster pack.” Or was it that Philip had a physical need for transportation. Whatever the reason, Philip experienced his big God in a BIG way.

While not as dramatic I know that experience of being the recipient of God’s power. It’s been a year ago this weekend since we were transported – by plane – to Texas. All that lead up to that and everything since can only be explained as “an act of God.” People with Parkinson’s do not have more and more energy to prepare a house for sale, make a million arrangements to tie up a 27-year stint in one place, make another million arrangements to get ready for 8 weeks in Texas and Africa. Me having a great time in Africa made people wonder if a frontal lobotomy had been performed. And then the tornado of actually moving 3 ½ weeks after our return had to be God powered.

Worship transcends language

While I have skills and a bent toward compulsive hard work, that does not explain how well I’ve done with all of this. For some reason, God chose to pour out his power on a weakening vessel. Oh yeah, his power works best in our weakness. I don’t like to be or appear weak. I rather relish being seen as strong. I am finally accepting that I am weak and have always been weak. That puts me right where God wants me. Then what he does in and through me showcases him and his power. And he is unbelievably BIG.


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