Post-it Note

One of the great things about post-it notes (or sticky notes) is that they create the possibility of doing a spiritual discipline in a new way. That is, they can help you to remember what it is that the Lord wants you to remember.

A good memory aide!

In September the Lord reminded me that he is always at his work (John 5:17, 19) and that he is frequently speaking to us, though not always in words (John 10:27). Because of this he wanted me to  anticipate seeing/hearing him in my day. To be looking for him in the little things, the ordinary things and the “stuff of life” things. To help me remember I put a post-it note on the bathroom mirror that asks

Where will I see Jesus today?In the first week Jesus was showing up frequently (or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I was paying better attention). Times in the scriptures were vibrant, I saw “little” things take place that let me know he was present and had prayer answered. It was sweet.

The challenge came later, when I was tired and routine kicked in once again. Would I trust that he was still showing up even though his appearance might be masked? Would I trust even though my faith seemed as dull as a six year old’s pumpkin carving knife? There were days when his presence was not so evident to me. But I discovered that if I took time in the evening to reflect, he often gave me a glimpse of himself in something that I originally thought of as mundane. Yes, he was still showing up.

The post-it note is still on the mirror and I think it will stay there for the time being. While following Jesus doesn’t boil down to bumper-sticker (or post-it note) slogans, it is a simple reminder to “be self-controlled and alert,” anticipating and paying attention for the one I follow.


I guess one can overdo it with the little buggers!


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