“Honey, We’re Down to the Mallards”

Honey, we’re down to the Mallards!

Recently Sue and I passed a milestone: our 29th anniversary. Two days after our anniversary we started our day with a devotional reading that encouraged us to trust in the Lord.

“Every time you affirm your trust in me, you put a coin into my treasury. Thus you build up equity in preparation for days of trouble. I keep safely in my heart all trust invested in me, with interest compounded continuously. The more you trust me, the more I empower you to do so.” (Jesus Calling)

After the reading and a little discussion we took a moment to pray. As we did a thought came to mind that made me chuckle: In twenty-nine years of marriage we have yet to eat the mallards!

"You talking 'bout me, Willis?"

Let me explain. In our second year of marriage we moved from western Washington to eastern Washington and from a ministry model that paid a salary to one that didn’t. This meant adjusting from a regular, determined paycheck to one that would be irregular, inconsistent and frequently small.

During this time Sue’s brother visited us and gave us a couple of Mallards that he had shot while hunting. Neither Sue nor I are big fans of eating duck, so the gift went into the freezer. For some odd reason, the Mallards took on a role in your lives, not as a potential dinner but as symbols of our dependence upon God.  When finances were tight and Sue needed to buy groceries she would let me know by saying, “honey, we’re down to the Mallards.” At that point I knew that God needed to come through or I would be sleeping on the couch.

Sleeping on the couch is not good for my neck

Over the ensuing years Sue defrosted and cleaned our freezer at least annually, throwing away unused and old items; but she did not throw those birds away. Freezer burned (and probably close to being petrified!) the Mallards remained. A reminder that our resources were are not in the freezer, but in God.

Ours was never this bad. Really!

We no longer have those Mallards, but the memory is vivid. I don’t know how many times Sue said “honey, we’re down to the Mallards.” But I do know this: after 29 years we have yet to eat them.




4 responses to ““Honey, We’re Down to the Mallards”

  1. Brilliant! Loved it – happy 29 years! Did not realized when we met you that you had only been married 3 years longer than we had – you seemed SO much wiser than us – haha!

  2. Wonderful, brilliant. God is so good. I recall your many testimonies of God’s provisions, but never heard about the Mallards. The Memphis Peabody ducks appear safe when you come to town!

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