Off to Benin

Where Benin is located relative to Africa

It’s off to Benin today for our Gateway field service! Our first flight departs at 7:00 a.m. local time and if all goes smoothly we will arrive in Cotonou about 2:00 p.m. Tuesday (Texas time) for 31 hours of trip time. Then we’ll have an hour (or more) getting through customs, gathering our bags and getting to the parking lot where our ride will transport us to our lodging for the night (another hour or two?). From the time people get out of bed until they get to go back to bed it will be about 38 hours, with those who can sleep on the plane or catch a nap on airport floors doing so. Basically, it is a long trip!

Benin and its neighbors

On Wednesday we will travel a couple of hours north of Cotonou (which is west of Porto-Novo) to Abomey, where we will check into the Motel d’Abomey as our home away from home. It is the same place we stayed in the summer of 2010 when Sue and I did our Gateway training.

Our home away from home

While in Abomey we will work at the Children’s home once again, this time building a security wall and loving on the children.

Mama Arlette and the kids on our last day in 2010

If it works out, we will join the pastors in the prison ministry in Abomey. This can be a very rewarding time, but also pretty intense (for a little more information about Prisons in Africa you might look at this article — read wisely).

After 2-1/2 weeks we will drive southwest to the border of Benin and Togo where we will cross into Togo and join the Africa Mercy in Lome. The new crew will get settled onto the ship and then Stefan and I will fly out March 9.

In front of the AFM in Lome August 2010

We will appreciate your prayers on our behalf over the next four weeks!



(The above picture might mislead you into thinking Sue is with me this time. Unfortunately that is not the case)


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