I Need Africa

On my first trip to Africa I visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was eye opening for me as I experienced the poverty of Africa, but also its wealth. The people I met were economically impoverished yet rich with joy. Materially lacking but spiritually abundant. It opened my eyes not only to what we take for granted in the West, but also to our situation of being economically wealthy and spiritually shallow.

Here’s a video on youtube that makes an the point better than I do. Africa: a land with so little and yet so much.




2 responses to “I Need Africa

  1. Hello, good to view this kind of video. I am African living in Japan. I am married and a christian. When i think about my brothers and sisters in Africa, tears some times drop down my eyes.
    I am trying to help a few orphans and those who really need help especially with Education through churches.
    I discovered one village church in Uganda and I am trying to find away I can facilitate the church.
    My finances are not really good but I try to use my tything and the little i can save from my daily expenses.
    I just want to ask you to continue with the same heart and help so much where you can.
    This world, we need each other. Being rich and just waste is of no use. A man who share the little he earns and especially he who sacrifices for others shall not miss the chance to be in God`s presence.
    Thank you once. this video has touched me so much that i really had to write all this I can.
    My name is Daniel

  2. Why I decided to go through is just one way i caan trust people to use the money and reach to those who i can`t reach physically. Its also another way to be able to identify those especially the children who are really in bad state.

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