Three Weeks Down

It’s been three weeks since leaving Texas with the team. The time has gone by fairly quickly and uneventfully (in the sens e of vehicle breakdowns, prison riots or other highly distressful things!). Even so this has been a sweet trip to watch God at work in the lives of people, both on our team and in country.

Velvet on Steel, a strong woman for a demanding job.

Ministry in the prison was powerful as we built relationships and shared stories–ours and theirs. The children’s home was a blessing, especially to us as we saw how well Mama Arlette takes care of all 59 kids. Many of the children remembered me (and Sue) from our visit in July, 2010.

With Jay's friend Cyle in Abomey

Another highlight for me was having Jay and his friends drive from Lome, Togo to Abomey, Benin for a visit. His trip via motorcycle turned into more adventure than he had bargained for, but it certainly makes a nice blog post. We visited the local museum and while there the king of d’Abomey came to pray at the tomb of his father (made with the blood of 41 slaves) and offer an animal sacrifice. I’ll post about that a little later. I will also write about our driver André’s story of his deliverance from Voodoo and the power-encounter with Christ that saved his life, both spiritually and physically. Stay tuned!




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