Walking for a Cause

In December 2007 Sue was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. At the time it was nice to have a diagnosis so that we knew what it was we were seeing and experiencing. Yet it also was a new challenge as we wrestled with what it meant. How would this change Sue, me, us?

After an appointment with the specialist in Houston. Still looking good!

Early on I felt the Lord say that he will redeem this. Not in the sense that he will heal Sue (although he may choose to do so), but that he will use this for good and for his glory. I continue to wait on him to see what that looks like, but we both think Parkinson’s advocacy may be part of it.

As a result of that we are joining in with the East Texas chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association Optimism Walk this Saturday (April 28). I’m hoping to exceed the fundraising goal of $500 and would appreciate your help in doing so. Follow the link below, and thank you for your help in the redeeming this for good!

Optimism Walk 2012




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