Ghana–the synopsis

The time in Ghana turned out to be challenging in some new ways for me, but overall it was good. After arriving in Accra we spent the night at a university which was pleasant, although a bit warm. The next day, after breakfast, we packed up a bus and loaded all 40 of us for the 5 hour drive to Pai Katanga.

Sleeping accommodations for the men

Arriving in Katanga in the mid-afternoon we got settled in on a beautiful, sunny day, in the midst of the rainy season and got our first look around the village. When the government built a dam just outside of Accra, the Volta river region was changed as the reservoir flooded many villages, leaving many without homes. The government was proactive in helping the people relocate and get re-established in villages of which Katanga was one. Sitting in the river valley surrounded by high hills and lush foliage, the area is beautiful.

Project from above, a beautiful view

The dam was not the only sign of progress as the village is located on the route of a new highway project with wide shoulders and good drainage. Ghana is making headway in providing  infrastructure for the country. Just off the road is a government health clinic that is well organized and well run. A boon when the nearest hospital is a half-hour away (close in African terms).

On the beaten path with one of many goats

Our project was to help with construction on a school. Ten years ago, Elder Frances was working his farm when he heard the Lord tell him to start a school. He was a little surprised by this as he himself is uneducated. It did not seem to make sense, and he continued on with his farming. A few months passed and he heard it again: start a school. He ignored what he heard until there was a storm. In Pai Katanga the kitchen is outside, in a stick structure with thatched roofing. The storm flattened the kitchen and he knew God wanted his attention. This time he obeyed, and to show his obedience he took the materials from the flattened kitchen to start the school. Since that time the chief awarded him several acres for property and the school has nearly 300 kids in attendance. He remains a farmer, but his vision has come to life. We helped with work on the foundation of an additional building that he hopes to house more students in the future.

Working on the gutters

Meeting the village chief

School children saying thank you in a farewell celebration


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