A Visit to the Fair

It’s fall, and one of the seasonal things we’ve enjoyed over the years has been visiting the county fair (either the Latah county fair or the Whitman county fair). This past weekend we decided to revise the tradition and visit the E. Texas State Fair. Now I assumed that a state fair would be different than a county fair and looked forward to an afternoon of animals, displays and an elephant ear. It turned out that I was right, there was a difference, but not the way I anticipated!

There were hardly any people for opening day. True, it was Saturday afternoon which is prime football time. But a state fair with more carnies than visitors?

Only thing missing were the tumbleweeds

The good side was that there weren’t any lines! Especially for the funnel cakes šŸ™‚

Build it and they will come?

As for livestock, there were only cattle on the premises. The only variety in animals was theĀ sand-sculptureĀ and Sue was sorely disappointed that there were no bun-buns! Actually, we did find one bun-bun, in a photo in the photography exhibit. No pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, horses or guinea pigs.

Even though it wasn’t finished, it was looking really good

There were no elephant ears either, but the funnel cake was a great alternative.

If you can’t have an elephant ear, this is a good substitute!

Fortunately the food options did remind us of a good ol’ county fair! I mean where else is it un-American to eat healthy? (Well, okay, that was a rhetorical question).

Woo-hoo! Artery bomb!

The name is bigger than the burger (I think)!

At the end of the day it was nice to know that the Latah county fair, Whitman county fair and Okanogan county fair have nothing to fear from a Texas state fair. At least as long as they have bun-buns and elephant ears!



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