Silent and Soggy

Saturday was our silent retreat at the nearby state park. It was raining but the group was still up for it, so we went. Although we ended the time early, it proved to be significant for several. Soggy and all.

Sidewalk puddles


A dry overlook of the lake


Visibility was pretty good early on


Like looking through a sheet of water. Oh, it is a sheet of water!


Sharing the shelter with some families


“And God was not in the earthquake… or the fire… or the wind… but in the silence”, and the rain.








One response to “Silent and Soggy

  1. Thanks for your updates. I’ve been sending your support but it has been a little late – lately, I’ll try to get it to you consistently at the first part of the month. I know you guys need me to be consistent so I’ll make the effort.

    On the job front, Karen Adams (Skeate) announced she was expecting on Monday. Then on Thursday she let us know in our office meeting that her position of Order Desk Manager would be open as she will not return to VMRD after she has the kiddo. Later that afternoon, the job was posted internally. I’ve talked it over with Caryn and I think I’ll put my name in for the position. I think I’ll be strongly considered for the position as that is the position I initially applied for about 15 months ago and now I’ve been doing most of the requirements for a year. We’ll see how it goes. I actually feel if they want someone else that is fine. As has been the theme so far @ VMRD, the learning curve will still be something to be considered as I’ll have more things to learn that I am not responsible for now. The job has been going better (I have been making fewer mistakes) but – yea still quite a bit to learn.

    I think I told Sue that Joel Moore was re-hired @ Emmanuel. Terry has included me with some vision/strategy planning and while that is going in a pretty good direction, if you could pray for that I’d appreciate it as he doesn’t really “get” it in some ways – but he is teachable so that is good. I’ll start doing Network for the church this winter & I’ll be responsible for helping people to be integrated into the service aspect of the church by helping them figure out their gifts, passion, calling, etc. Working in AWANA with Caryn is surprisingly fun – the kids are definitely the highlight which (duh) I think is the way it should be.

    Jordan has finished the first week of college and I actually saw him doing homework – truly a miracle. He has landed part time work with me up @ VMRD working with Gary Boone on Fridays and 1) he likes it, and 2) he is doing a good job. We think that his girlfriend Ashley (who we didn’t like) may have dumped him for the target rich environment up @ WSU because he isn’t going over to her house and we don’t see her. We’ll have to wait to confirm that but we are happy about that and he doesn’t seem too upset about the situation. Oh yea, he has asked Joel if he can work with the middle school youth group – what do you know?

    Caity is doing well too, starting on the soccer team which is 8-1 and leading the league being undefeated. They could go quite far in State this season. She continues to do well in school and also continues to say “high school boys are stupid”. So what do you know? I’m praying she has more connections to the Lord & church stuff. Regardless, we have a good relationship with her.

    Caryn is taking accounting and doesn’t seem to have to work as hard as her first class last year. She has a new Editor in Chief that the press hired and she likes him. She is frustrated by some stuff @ the press but mostly she likes her job still. She likes working w/AWANA and we just celebrated her 51st birthday – weird huh?

    Ok, so much for being short & sweet.

    Again, thanks for your updates and friendship! It is a pleasure to be able to support you guys! (oh yea, the Cougs still suck!)


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