A Little Glimpse into the Hodgepodge of Life

Here’s a little glimpse into the hodgepodge style of our lives. From classroom …

In the classroom with the on boarding participants

To a ministry fair that our church hosted

Kelly serves at Mercy Ships in recruiting

To me wanting in on the action, too!

Me and my trophy wife!

To BST: time to put out a fire ladies! (just so you don’t misunderstand me, 11 of our 12 students were women)

About to enter the firebox

A little time to cool down and talk about the experience so far

“Did you save Buck?”

Then somebody noticed my habit:

“Do you know the muffin man?” As seen in Shrek

And then to top it off, some natural beauty.

Sunrise, cone flowers and droplets on the leaves. Pretty neat.

I heard recently that Vladimir Lenin refused to allow flowers into his offices or home. The reason was something to the effect that beauty made a person soft. It dawned on me that the reason I like flowers is that their beauty reminds me not of softness, but of the goodness of God. I say bring on the flowers!

The beauty of flowers displays the goodness of God




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