Tenerife Time

In case you recently noted the highlighting of my favorite daughter on this site and thought perhaps I wasn’t being fair, I now turn to my favorite son and our time in Tenerife, Spain this August.

The view from the dock looking towards Tenerife. That’s one of the ferries that run between the Canary Islands

I arrived to the Africa Mercy on Friday and on Monday the ship underwent a variety of tests that required all non-essential crew to be gone for twelve hours. The purser arranged for a day at Lorro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz and it was a nice way to spend the day.

Spain’s version of SeaWorld

They had a variety of displays and the largest parrot collection in the world, plus a few monkeys thrown in for fun.

Not really sure what’s going on inside of that head…

Maybe Jay was thinking of what was to come?

Motorcycles to go: 650cc and 500cc ready to conquer the hill climb

Tenerife is home to one of the tallest volcanoes in the world and the roads up to it are very popular motorcycle rides

Winding roads through pine forests. What could be better for a day ride on a motorcycle?

The scenery went from low vegetation coastline, to piney forests and as we gained altitude the tree line fell behind to reveal a Martian-like terrain (or Moses Lake, I guess)

The terrain below the volcano reminded us of North Central Washington. It would be a good place to test lunar vehicles.

And then it happened…

I dropped my bike when parking it and the clutch broke clean in half. Hmmm….

With a broken clutch we decided to turn around two miles from the summit as I needed the downhill run to get the bike started and to keep it from stalling out as I shifted into gear. Should have done a u-turn and headed to the top anyway. We stopped at a restaurant a little ways down the road for me to collect myself and to collect a little lunch, too.

An outdoor cafe is a great break from the motorcycle

We met two expat Brits at the restaurant who were riding Harley’s. It was fun talking with them and looking at their “throw-back” bikes. After the delay it was time to head back down the mountain to return the bikes.

Part of the coast at Puerto de la Cruz

The ride down was great, although changing gears required a little more coordination and thinking ahead, until it was time to navigate stoplights and intersections and cars and pedestrians (don’t tell Sue)… but we made it back (tell Sue).

The bikes returned and we’re all smiles! Especially as the last block was pedestrian walkway and I didn’t run over a single tourist!

After a cold drink at another outdoor cafe we caught the bus back to Tenerife and our adventure for the day was done.

Tenerife, the “little Sydney”? Still pretty cool looking

A great time with my favorite son!

~Shalom, Nils


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