Yaya’s story

Another amazing story, and opportunity to display the love of Jesus in a practical way.

Pictures tell this story really well.

Yaya was born with a condition that caused his bones to be very brittle. When Yaya started to walk, the pressure on the bones in his legs caused multiple fractures. As a result, Yaya’s legs twisted and curled. By eighteen months of age, he was unable to walk at all.

Immediately following surgery, Yaya was given a body cast to support his newly aligned bones as they strengthened around the rods placed to provide permanent support. Yaya displayed much courage and bravery throughout his surgery and the regular physiotherapy sessions. His grandmother was always at his side to comfort and encourage him.

When Yaya’s body cast was replaced with leg casts, he was able to see his now straight legs for the first time. While Yaya, at first, did not dare to hope that he could be healed, he is now full of hope to play football and return to school to learn to read and write.

Yaya’s warm heart and precocious nature have earned him many friends in the Mercy Ships hospital. The kind hearts embracing Yaya have encouraged him to practice his reading, his exercises and to learn some English.

Written by Joanne Thibault

Edited by Nancy Predaina

Photos by Debra Bell and Michelle Murrey


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